a tibetan 80th birthday

this past weekend I experienced how tibetans celebrate an 80th birthday :) Thanks claudia for the opportunity!
it was a surprise party with two entrances and there was some confusion as to which door their very loved grandpa would come through but it all worked out in the end. I know this is a wedding photography blog but i wanna share some photos :)
So tibet is not too far from india and pakistan and i was so happy to hear bits of Urdu being spoken like “Jul-dee” which means “hurry!” being shouted out :) It made me feel right at home.

The tricky part of this shoot was lighting. Because the party was in a basement of an apartment/church there wasn’t really anywhere to go except utilize some doors. We also couldn’t shoot outside because it was CRAZY WINDY and cold. Not a good place to take older people :)
Check out grandpa’s photo…can you believe he’s 80!?!?!?! he looks dang goooood.

ok! i’m off to have a relaxing day before amelia and dan’s wedding tomorrow! wohoo :)

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  1. Sarah Han wrote:

    awwww!!! :*)
    these photos made me cry!! :**)
    the harabuhjee looks so surprised and happy, and so does the rest of the family :***)
    if God graces us with long lives like this spritely grandpapa and grandmama, please take photos for me at my 80th berfday :****)
    looks great, geehad! :*****)