Ahran + Paul: 1yr Anniversary

I had the pleasure of shooting Ahran and Paul for their one year anniversary. I can’t believe it’s already been a year!…a year since I attended their wedding :)
It’s just so cool to get to know people better as I shoot them. I get a feel for what kind of relationship they have and every couple I shoot are soooo different! Ahran and Paul are cool. They have a cool relationship and they’re unconventional. They’re most happiest out of the lime light doing their own thing enjoying one another’s company…I get the sense that they enjoy simplicity and class. It’s just such an honor to have this one year anniversary shoot be counted in as part of their celebration and I mean the whole experience of the shoot not only the end product of it :) It was great! after the shoot we went to a mom-n-pop thai restaurant and got free deserts. It’s also nice to have a break from weddings and engagement shoots and try something a little different.






  1. lo wrote:

    love the contrast of formalwear and urban background. you’re brilliant! :)

  2. AH! your blog is sooo fun to come to!
    AWESOME stuff Gee! Keep it up!!

  3. June wrote:

    loved this cowboy concept pictures!!!!

  4. ronald wrote:

    how did i ever miss this entry!!
    love it!!