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Thought I should share with you a bit of what I’ve been doing around the house. Maybe I should’ve documented the process a little better but here it is…
I love the powder room because it’s a small space so you can do more drastic things with it and no one will complain. I call it the jewel. Whenever I got to a new place I pay attention to the washroom because that tells me whether or not the owner really cares about the user experience. Often times people don’t put a lot of money into washrooms bc they don’t think it’s important. I think the opposite! Why? The washroom is still part of the “fancy restaurant” it’s still going to be part of the experience of dining there. I shudder at the thought of countless “after-thought” washrooms with its florescent lights. yuk. All to say that I judge an interior (mostly just restaurants) by its washroom.

before – painting with black paint is both terrifying and incredibly fun.

After – Tah dah!!!!!!! mini slot shelf for those magazines that are a little bit older…

This is what I’ve done to our powder room so far. It’s not finished yet so don’t judge me just yet!


Frame: Ikea!!!!! so friggin awesome.
Rug: West Elm
Wood: some cheap pieces from Home Depot
Paint: Black

hahaha wow I am so uninformative.




  1. angela wrote:

    Hahahahah i love your … “paint: black… wood: some cheap pieces… ” hahahh! but i TOTALLY agree with your washroom thing! i ALSO feel the exact same way!!! i can’t wait to do my washroom up when we get our own place! (far away..) but ur washroom looks awesome! :D

  2. sarah wrote:

    i lover this!! keep posting what you do around the house! paint more tings black! ;)