I’m getting a dog!

If all goes well I will be a proud owner of a beautiful German Shepherd. I’ve been wanting one for ages and I’ve been searching for one for the longest time but none of them seemed to work out. So I’m really hoping that things will work out this time! Who knew finding a good dog would be this difficult. There are so many factors to consider! Such as breed and temperament…every dog has a personality and I really wanted to find one that I could get along with. This ultimately is the best thing for the dog too. I’ve always wanted a GSD. Living in Pakistan everyone seemed to have one but my parents wouldn’t allow pets! But now I can finally make that decision for myself :) yay! I love dogs!!! And he’ll have playmates too!


  1. chrisungeun wrote:

    awwww <3

  2. oppa wrote:

    really?? haha nice~