goodbye old, hello new!

After many months of hard work my new branding and website is up!
It’s a pretty huge deal for me. It was time to take the next step and “up” the game i guess.

The goal was to unify my blog and portfolio in a more seamless format. This new site makes it pretty much impossible for an inquirer to get lost. They know where to go for portfolio images, where to go to contact me and where to go for blog posts. It was also important to have a strong logo that i could carry with me and implement anywhere.
BIG props goes out to my big bro for coming up with the logo and branding. It was hard cause I wanted a logo that said two things that are contradictory to one another…something feminine yet cool (and masculine?)
My best friend was shocked when i told her the key colour to my new branding was pink cause she knows that i HATE pink…or at least i used to hate pink. Coupled with the slate grey it just looks right! I LOVE IT!

Another important note about the new site is that it’s completely flash free which makes it 100% iphone/ipad compatible!!!! it’s going to be so convenient to be able to pull out my ipad and show clients things directly. Also the width of the site was determined by my programmer. I initially wanted something really wide that would make my images more impressive but he deliberately made it smaller so that it would be comfortable to view on any type of computer…whether on a net book or a friggin huge monitor it’s easy to view.

HUGE thanks to ron who always believes in me and sam who worked laboriously to make this website what it is. I’ll remember the long hours we worked together at starbucks and panera bread hahahaha.

and to my old web + blog i say…so long old friend

there may be some glitches still but we’re working them out. thank you for your patience!


  1. Xiaoxi wrote:

    Congrats on your new website! I can only imagine how much work you put into it! From the time that I’ve spent on it, I can say that it’s definitely easier to navigate and looks more professional than the old one (mind you, I loved the old site for its color and “fun vibe”).

  2. gee wrote:

    thank youuu!!!!!!

  3. Sarah wrote:

    Gee, this looks amazing! I love all the detail that went into making this new blog :D
    I think the pink surprisingly fits you just right…good for you for taking the plunge ;)
    you should take a pic with your grey and pink scarf for this blog!!

  4. Oppa wrote:

    veerrrry nice~!

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