Hyerim + James Married!

wohoo!!! I’m plowing through my weddings and getting them up on to my blog!
Hyerim + James…my church friends…I had a blast shooting this wedding because all my friends were there too! Also, I had Chris Luk from Christopher Luk Photography assisting me :p It’s really really amazing shooting with other colleagues because I don’t feel as lonely hehehe…just kidding…it’s great because you don’t have to talk to yourself and debate to oneself about whether or not something is a good idea or completely stupid. We got to trespass a little during the shoot, great fun! you should try it some time :) down side was getting bit by friggin mosquitoes!!! GARH!!! I HATE MOSQUITOES!

Hyerim looking absolutely gorgeous! she’s so photogenic don’t you agree? she can totally pull off the sexy look! I LOVE IT!
thanks hyerim and james!!!! you guys were trooper models :)


one of my favorite moments at a wedding is the recessional…bride and groom walk out briskly from the sanctuary with the biggest smiles on their faces. It’s the happiest walk of their life! It’s such an intense moment! Everyone stands and applauds, all eyes are on them but they only have eyes for each other :D


check out the yummys by Milk + Honey Cafe drool! She made my favorite Red Velvet Cupcakes! Here’s how you make it

hj-7hj-09052009-815hey! remember this kid? hehe it’s the soccer ball kid!



  1. June wrote:

    wooowww so nice. the sevenths photo from the bottom upp (the one where her veil is fluttering in the wind) is my favourite. it’s sooo romantic!


    hye-rim looks GORGEOUS!!
    Good job, GEE!

  3. That woman is so incredibly gorgeous.