In Studio: jihae + daniel

Hello from vancouver!

That’s right, I’ve left home again to start my adventure. Before leaving though I had an in studio photoshoot with jihae and daniel. Her girlfriends graciously bought her a coupon for a session with yours truly. It was fun! They brought in several outfits for the shoot…can you guess which one was my favorite? kekeke


  1. Jihae wrote:

    I love them Gee! :) Great work and thanks for being flexible with us- with my parents and all. lol Hope you have an amazing trip! Was your favourite my ugly jumping face? hahaha I cannot phyo-jung-gwan-ree that…-_-; My favourite is the very top right :)

  2. gee wrote:

    i confess i do like the jumping one kekeke. you’re very welcome. np about your parents it was just awkward in that moment.hahaha

  3. Rickysharples wrote:

    These photos are insanely beautiful and artsy. Fantastic work.