Jenn + Kevin Married!

20090523_16This past saturday i shot jenn and kevins wedding! Man what a day! You may recognize them from the engagement shoot a couple months ago. It was a special day because jenn is also a friend of mine. She looked absolutly beauuuuutiful! I always thought she was a pretty lady but on saturday she looked like a true princess :)

It was a challenging day because i had to drive on the highway for the first time! eeeeek! I think i was ok though besides the fact that the hood of the car wasn’t closed!!!! it looked like it wanted to open while i was driving on the highway and i held on to the wheel and prayed to God to spare my life. Stupid me popped the hood when i wanted to pop the trunk!

note to self:
– fix sleeping habit
– eat before going to shoot a wedding!
– buy comfortable shoes

check out some images from the day…


20090523_220090523_320090523_4sooo pretty!!!! <3

20090523_720090523_820090523_1420090523_920090523_1020090523_1520090523_1120090523_12my absolute fave shot from the day! jenn looks stunning like an alabaster statue in this shot!!


  1. mrs. jennifer lee wrote:


    kevin and I are so happy with these pics and can’t wait to see more!

    soo go hessuh chingoo~

  2. gee wrote:

    and i am soooo glad you like them :)
    hope you’re enjoying yourself in maui… i’m so jealous!

  3. ik wrote:

    Wow, that last shot must have been tricky! Zoom out with in focus center? Craziness!

  4. my sister is BEAUUUUUUUUTIFUL!!!

    and you are so TALENTED!!!!!

    awesome job gee.
    im glad you were the photographer. u are amajing.

  5. Kevin wrote:

    you did a great job on your friend’s wedding.
    I love the same shot you do of the bride.

  6. gee wrote:

    thank youuuuuuuu!!!!!!
    i had a blast shooting you guys

  7. Daseul wrote:

    you are one talented bag of chips!! :)
    keep pushing forward gee, you are something else!

  8. Annabelle wrote:

    wow wow!
    the pictures look amazing!!
    I love the colors!!!!
    great job!