{ style | the black pumps }


i know i know…this has nothing to do with weddings but all to do with shoes. Any girl will know that the hunt for “the” black pumps is a life long quest. I’ve gone through so many pairs of black pumps, not because I’ve worn through them but because they are just so uncomfortable. So. Today I stepped into michael kors and picked up a new pair. Black suede meets skin of snake…what say you? yay or nay? I call it the black mamba. I’ll be prowling the streets of toronto tonight with adrienne from STYLEACME hunting down as many stylish peeps as possible so keep your eyes peeled. I hope you’re as excited as I!



  1. ronald wrote:

    hot mama

  2. angela wrote:

    what a fun project you and your friend are working on!!! so jealous! wish i could join!! always wanted to do something like that!