The cutest photo

Everytime i see this photo i’m suddenly in a good mood. This past weekend we had a TFC soccer tournament, a collaboration between CCYAA and KCAA and some kids were playing around at the bmo field so i started taking pictures of them heading the ball because their scrunched up expressions were so darn cute! Here are some of my favorites:gee_8689gee_8685


  1. June wrote:

    I can’t believe you took this photo. It looks so professional. Oh wait, you are a pro! It’s hard to accustom myself to the fact that i’m related to an expert photographer hahaha. This photo looks like something i would have seen advertising for FIFA worldcup thingmabob. That soccer tournament in korea some years ago

  2. gee wrote:

    LOL thanks!
    the colours remind me of the olympics in china…maybe it’s all that red and blue

  3. daseul wrote:

    YOU’re CUTE!

  4. Jenn wrote:

    omg – ethan is too cute!!!
    great shots :)

  5. Sarah Shin wrote:

    Caleb looks like a giant compared to the others…great pics as always.

  6. gee wrote:

    LOL sarah i read your comment really fast and I read “caleb looks like a giant compared to others as always” LOL!!!!