The Shin Family

oh man, how time does fly by

it’s already thursday night???? GARH! How is this possible? I remember the days when i was young that felt like a week…now one week feels more like one day :S

anyways…i wanted to post some photos i took of the shin family. they are an awesome bunch and everyone has such unique personalities. i love going over there because there’s always plenty of food and i’m guaranteed a good laugh. i especially love the mrs :) she’s such an honest and down-to-earth crazy woman (especially after 10pm)







  1. Sarah Shin wrote:

    well the 10 minute photo shoot dosn’t do justice to your talent Gee, great shots of us…thnx 4 your eye and freezing some time for me.:)

  2. gee wrote:

    anything for you baby ;)
    as long as i get to eat your food

  3. Sarah Shin wrote:

    hey Gee? help i want to print some and display some…thx

  4. Linda wrote:

    Great pics, Gee! I am Sarah’s younger sister who lives in CA. I love the shots you took of my dear sister and her family (whom I miss so much)! Yes, how would one print these? I have no recent family shots of them…

  5. Jenn wrote:

    Awwww…. they look fantastic.
    I feel like I haven’t seen any of you in ages so it’s great to see familiar faces again even if it’s just through the web :)

    The photos really capture their natural beauty and love.

  6. gee wrote:

    hello linda! to make prints you would need higher quality files, and also depends on what size you want to print them at. Shoot me an email if you want more details…