Esther + Roger } Engaged

ok! I know it’s been a long time since I posted any wedding related photos so here’s a little something for you all. I’m so honored to be shooting their wedding and SO happy they found each other. I like esther and I like roger. i like it!!!!! Esther I’ve known because we go to the same church so when I met Roger initially I was a little skeptical. But he proved to be a surprise party in a box. He is not what you initially think he is. He’s genuine, sincere, funny! and most important of all he makes esther laugh…a lot. In fact it’s so easy for him to make her laugh I sometimes wonder at esther and her sense of humor. Trust me. Some of the things he says is just not funny but she throws back her head and laughs so hard it makes me feel like I’ve missed the punch line.
So. I’m thrilled that they are tying the know. Oh and did I mention esther is a wedding planner extraordinarie? She plans huge corporate events so weddings are easy for her. Maybe I should ask her for some help for mine..?


  1. LOIS wrote:

    LOVE LOVE LOOOOOVE these photos!!! Thank you so much for capturing my sister’s true beauty & for all the great photos that they will have for years to come. GOOO GEEHAEJEONG!

  2. ronald wrote:


    Esther is so beautiful and Roger is such a STTTTTUD!

  3. Sarah P wrote:


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