Grace + Eric Engaged

Here’s the engagement shoot i did yesterday with grace and eric in Toronto at kensington market. They’re a special couple because they got engaged on dec 17th…my birthday!!!! Although they live in Edmonton now they’ll be getting married in Toronto next year!
it was fun eating chinese buns and beef patties with you guys :)




  1. daseul wrote:

    i love you(r) blog :)

  2. Sarah wrote:

    OoooO…pretty pictures~
    Mmmm…chinese buns and beef patties *drool*
    Awwww…their smiles look so genuine :)
    Grrrr…I haven’t Geehae since her berfday!
    Come home soon!
    Let’s have a good ketchup session, mustard ;)
    Prayin’ for ya!