Juliana + Jesse Engaged :)

Today was quite the day :S
I rented a car and it was not a great experience…talk about unprofessional people. Whatever happened to training people to give customers good service? Its been a while since I drove a car (which totally slipped my mind) I almost got into an accident TWICE!!!! :( I wanted to cry! I know it just takes practice but I’m dreading driving tomorrow. A nightmare I have once in a while is driving and somehow ending up on the highway with no way of exiting…that ALMOST happened today and that was my near accident number 2. Near accident number 1 was totally my fault and i’m very sorry for it. But my near accident #2 was not…i matched my car speed with other cars and i tried to get out of the headed-towards-the-highway-lane but THEY WOULDN’T LET ME IN!!! :'(
hopefully i’ll make it to jenn + kevins wedding in one piece hehehe

OK! so today I had an awesome meeting with jessica an old friend from highschool. It was sooo great to catch up and get to know her…her story is sooo sweet and marshall sounds like such a sweet guy :)
after the meeting I headed downtown to harbor front for juliana and jesse’s engagement shoot. I got there a big early and spent some time walking along the boardwalk and i must say i’m LOVIN this weather!
here are some of my fave shots…ok…gonna get some shut eye cause tomorrow’s gonna be a crazzyyyy day!!!








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  1. Kevin wrote:

    great stuff geehae!