kitty + chris } engaged

To tell the truth I was pretty nervous to shoot chris luk’s engagement session. Knowing that he knew the “tricks” of the trade it made me push myself a little harder. It was awesome was a beautiful overcast day! I tried to utilize natural reflectors that I saw along the street from the floor and from the light reflecting off of the buildings in the financial district. Kitty and Chris were super easy to shoot as they had the “vogue” look down pat. In fact I had to instruct them to smile because their go-to expression was the neutral-empty-soul look. hahahaha!
thanks kitty and chris for choosing me to shoot your wedding! I feel so honoured! but PLEASE learn to walk slower kekeke


  1. shelley wrote:

    Kitty and Chris look amazing!!! These shots are super, and they fit their personality so well, LOVE your white dress/red shoes Kitty! Can’t wait to see the wedding photos!

  2. Chris Luk wrote:

    Hahah :) Lovin’ these, Gee!
    We’ll practice walking slower, just for you!

  3. Lauren wrote:

    Wowza! Way to step up to the challenge! Beautiful mixture of playful and vogue :D Way to work it CHris and Kitty! I also can’t wait for the wedding (and pics :D)!