Shinae’s ENGAGED!!!

OMG!!! my childhood best friend is engaged and is getting married in Iowa!!!!!
Shinae and I met in pakistan where we attended the same boarding school…she was my friend and comfort through lonely times as well as happy moments…of course we had our share of drama but that’s expected with young girls. I am just SO ECSTATIC to go be with her on her wedding day as well as be her photographer. Truly amazing how God works! It was amazing to chat over skype (i love technology) and catch up as well as discuss logistics.

To illustrate just how long we have known each other here is a photo from our boarding school days. I have NO idea why we are sucking our thumbs pretending to be babies…omg i think i remember why…i think we were reenacting Prince John from Robin Hood always sucks his thumb!!!!! HAHAHAHA
Wow this photo brings back so many memories…the shelves on the right was my property…that’s where we put our belongings…i remember redecorating and redecorating those 2 shelves of mine….ok i’m getting side tracked into la la land here. I just wanted to say




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  1. June wrote:

    Your friend’s glasses looks similar to mine!