Sophia + Brad Engaged

Here are the shots from their engagement shoot! The photo below is of u of t right after the storm. It was pretty sweet because right after the storm passed the sun came out for a bit where i could capture some cool backlit shots of them walking across the field. Turned out pretty well :)
You guys were so smiley and cute and very easy to work with! thank you!




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  1. Charles wrote:

    Dang!! I think I know Brad! Gee!!, ask Brad if he used to work at Golf Town Scarborough and if he remembers golfing with a Charles and our boss Jason Miyasaki! Or perhaps if he remembers Just Desserts at Kennedy/Shepard! hahahah, if that’s not him then I’m a monkey’s uncle (whatever that means!!!)

    PS if that is THE brad, how do you guys know each other gee??