Yaejin + Sam } Engaged

I can not wait for these two to marry. Not only are they dear friends to me but they are so cute together. They love games. I mean. They REAAAAAALLYYYYYY love games. It only made sense that they would bring a game of scrabble as their prop. Everyone is a little uncomfortable in front of a camera so it’s nothing new. But when they started playing scrabble together they became so comfortable and began to laugh with ease, I couldn’t help but smile behind my camera. I can’t wait to shoot their wedding because yaejin’s smile is so beautiful. Sam, you’re aight. Yaejin is earnest and sweet and sam is…smart. lol. no really! he is smart. He built my website! woot woot! It’s also a special wedding because my fiance’s the best man! When Ron (fiance) told me the news he was so excited and honored. Thanks for having us be such a big part of your wedding day!


…sometimes I shoot the floor. Mistakes are fun.




  1. Wonsae & Hyanglan wrote:

    Congraturation Yejin and Sam !!!
    I remember your BIG smile when I met you first. Hope keep yours forever anytime for specitally hard time….

  2. hayeon wrote:

    oh-em-jee…So pretty!! Yaejin u look ridiculously good and you make sam look good too. HAHAHA. awww, i’m excited for 5.19.2012. See you lovebirds soon :) <3

  3. Inpyo, Jihye & Baby Benjamin wrote:

    너무 너무 예뻐요!!!
    사진 속 행복한 미소가 두분 가정안에 항상 함께
    하길 기도 할께요~~~^^

  4. Yaejin & Sam wrote:

    Geehae frickity Jeong:

    What an amazing job you’ve done! We love the pictures and we’re looking through them over and over again. Thank you so much for everything!

  5. Yaejin's mom wrote:

    Sam is ve~~ry handsome and Yaejin is s~~o pretty. 매일 감사하며 행복하게 잘 살아라.

    Special thanks to the photographer, Geehae,
    you did a wonderful job.

  6. HyeJung.Ji wrote:

    What a beautiful couple!!!!
    Congratulations and bless you happy marriage.
    I miss you so much, Yaejin…
    Do you remember my face?! T_T

  7. 민아 wrote:

    예진이언니 너무이쁘게 잘나왔어요~!!><
    언니결혼날짜가 벌써다가 왔네요..
    언니는 정말정말 착하니까 지이이인짜 행복하게 잘
    사실꺼에요…결혼너무 축하드리고..이쁜아기도 많이낳으시고…^^ 그리소 무엇보다도 행복또행복하세용 ㅎㅎ 아!! 웨딩드레스 사진도 너무 보고싶어요.ㅎㅎ
    엄마도 언니진짜이쁘데요 ㅎㅎ
    쌤오빠도 멋진듯 ㅎㅎ