An honest confession


After giving birth, I struggled a lot about my identity… what it means to be a mom… I asked myself, “should I take a year, or so, for a maternity leave?” To be honest, I felt a little pressured to take time off because it seemed to be the normal thing that people do.  Don’t get me wrong – I think it’s a great thing, but we are all unique and built differently.  I realized it was okay not to take a year off and I realized that I wanted to keep shooting.

How did this realization come about? This past March, when I shot Annie and Ian’s wedding, I remembered how fun it was to shoot and how much I missed it.  I had half expected it to be physically strenuous after having Mercy, but to my surprise, I found that it was on par to taking care of my baby.  Watching a baby is tiring!

Now, I realize I’m opening our life up to the whole world here, and it’s kinda scary.  A part of me wants everyone to think that we have everything under control; that everything is A-Okay… but I’m going to be very honest and vulnerable.  As the new year rolled in, Ron began a search for new work and things weren’t really going the way we had hoped.  Despite our best efforts, we found that nothing was pulling through.  Missed opportunities and bad timing kept us on the search.  One day I was speaking honestly about my work and how much I love to shoot, but at the same time, that I really don’t enjoy the logistical, clerical, and administrative aspects of my business.  Then it dawned on us!  I felt so dumb that we hadn’t seen what was right in front of us!  We quickly realized that Ron could join my business and take over all these things that I’m not so great at because it turns out that Ron is pretty awesome at them.  Once it was decided, I felt a huge weight lift off my shoulders.  I hadn’t even realized how much I disliked administrative work.  It’s a huge relief that Ron will now be taking over that part of the business in order to serve all you wonderful readers better.

So, through some struggles and challenges this awesome thing has been born!

Where would we all be if life was easy peasy, free of struggles? I doubt there’d be much creativity out there.  Struggle births great things and I really believe that for this business.

I thank you for reading this long post and I hope that you’ll come to visit often.


  1. Lois wrote:

    Amazing. So proud of you for continuing to be the fierce GEE I have grown to know and love, and for being so open. You and Ron are an unstoppable team and now you’ll be unstoppable in your business too. xoxo

  2. Dan Kwak wrote:

    you guys are going to be the Best. Duo. EVER.

  3. Rhia wrote:

    supermom and superperson!! really appreciate and admire your honesty and transparency. keep on inspiring, Gee!!

    btw you and Ron are an amazing tag team already so can’t wait to see what the years going forward bring. xo

  4. Sarah wrote:

    Beautiful and honest post, Gee! They say it takes a hacker + a hustler to form the perfect entrepreneurial partnership. Looking forward to big big BIG things from the both of you!

  5. Linda wrote:

    Ahhh, now I understand why Ron sent me that email on your behalf. This year will be the best year yet! You guys are just awesome, I witness that first hand at our engagement shoot. Praying for many more blessings to flow your way <3

  6. Ye Rae wrote:

    this is so exciting! I can see you guys working GREAT together.. you shooting, Ron handing the admin part :) beautiful~

  7. Natalia wrote:

    Love this post!
    Thanks for sharing Gee :) I am so glad it worked out well. Hoping the best for you three! fighting!!

  8. Charles wrote:

    Awesome awesome!

    *pew* *pew* *pew*

    sound of Gee shooting…with her camera.

  9. Steven wrote:

    Wonderful that you’re back shooting! I’m always amazed at what moms can do, how much work they do, often with little acknowledgement. Nothing but respect. Wishing you the best in the years to come.

    Long time fan (stalker..), first time poster.

  10. Jenn wrote:

    I’m excited for all the beautiful and creative things to come through your lens! Go mama!

  11. suzie wrote:

    Soooooo excitingggg!!! Family business is the best kind. I can picture Mercy being your second shooter one day!!!! Amazing things ahead… So excited to witness them! xo

  12. Shan wrote:

    I am soooo proud of the Hongs, this year is gonna be full of BIG TINGS- things eveb bigger and better than you can ask or imagine. we love you!

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