Back from Dominican Republic

hello! yes I was away for a week to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic for a vacation/attend/shoot claudia + wilson’s wedding
I had never been to a resort though I have done much traveling. There are definite pros and cons to going to a resort ;P one pro is that you eat pretty much whenever you want. I came back to toronto and met up with a friend at a coffee shop. I almost left without paying LOL!
It was just sooooo awesome to get away and lounge around in just a bikini *sigh*

So the first half of my time there I was pretty anxious about shooting Claudia’s wedding. (shhhh she doesn’t know this so don’t tell). How am I supposed to shoot claudia’s wedding? Of course they were sooo laid back about it they weren’t even going to have a photographer. But because she didn’t outline her expectations I was left with a blank in my head…in that blank I filled it with so much of my own thoughts of what she would want. hahahaha! In the end I think it turned out well. The day itself was a little stressful as a photographer because last minute the beach wedding was switched to an indoor wedding because of all days for it to rain in that week it HAD to rain on their wedding day. It was great getting to know claudia + wilson’s family and friends. Hopefully the wedding photos will be up soon! I caught the flu as soon as I got back and i’m recovering. Apparently several other people from the trip got sick as soon as they got back.

In the next couple days I’ll post up some photos from the trip :)

*sigh* I miss the sun :`(

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    post soon!! :) hee