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I must be going insane because I totally forgot to blog about this monumental event! One of my weddings was featured on wedding bells! (Page: 348) Also featured online. Go and pick up your own copy now! For more of Christine + Stan’s gorgeous wedding photos visit this link. Its so exciting to be featured in print. So humbling and encouraging. It’s really been such an amazing journey. Just the other day I was reading my very first post on this blogsite…I was talking about how I was beginning my journey as a photographer. I am jumping-with-glee excited about where I am in my life. Live your dreams people! It is possible!
Thank you God.


  1. ronald wrote:

    Wedding Bells is such a wide-spread publication. I’m so proud of you Gee!

  2. Goodmorningsummer wrote:

    What a great post! I’ll definitely check it out. And we will live our dreams!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Helen wrote:

    Congratulations Gee! We only met once but I have watched your journey albait through Facebook.. When we stop to give thanks to who deserves all the Glory, tells me so much more about you. You thanking God for all earned even more respect in my heart for you. A great testimony that hard work with excellence pays off!!! Be blessed.

    • gee wrote:

      Wow. Thank you so much. It’s so crazy to know that people have been witnessing my work from the beginning. I often feel like Im posting just for myself. Hope You continue to enjoy my work.