happy birthday to me!

As I sit here at an amazing cafe and listen to Beyonce (love her!) on my iPhone I reflect……
Once again it seems I am spending my birthday away from home. (home being toronto)
Last year I celebrated my birthday in Mali (you can read about it here and here) and it was fantastic because I was doing one of my favorite things which is seeing and experiencing new things. This year I’m spending it in the motherland with my parents and my tofu. It’s been a fantastic year and I want to thank all of you for contributing to that. A big thank you to everyone who has supported me in small and big ways…to everyone who appreciates my work, to those who  recommend me…to everyone how patiently listened to my fears and also listened to my boasts! I wouldn’t be here without all of your support.




  1. Vinci wrote:

    Dear Gee,

    Happy Birthday to one of the most talented photographers I know :) Hope you and Ron are having a blast in Korea!

    BTW, I don’t tell people either… but I secretly love Beyonce’s music too… haha…


  2. Rachel wrote:

    Happy birthday Geeeeee! :)
    See you soooon~ hehe
    have lots of motherly love and tofu!