Looking back and shooting with Claudia

So this year has been pretty awesome for so many reasons!
First of all I got laid off early in the year, real estate took a big hit, which forced me to jump into wedding photography full-time…something I wanted to do stayed because I thought it a blessing to have a good job during an economic crisis. So! when I got laid off it was such a blessing! Now I can’t imagine my life any other way…and i can’t believe this wasn’t my main occupation before this year! I’m so thankful to God
There’s been a lot of dreams come true this year…such as getting a dog!
I’m also thankful for Clawwwdeeeuhhh!!! :) my colleague and friend with whom I got a chance to shoot with quite often this year and I’m looking forward to shooting more with her next year…It’s really great to be able to work with someone that you like, respect and someone who is able to see what I see. So lets look back on some 2009 weddings where I second shot for Claudia.

stephanie + rafat




susey + vince


jessica + joshua

in terms of photographs jessica + joshua’s wedding was really fun to shoot :)



photobooth time!!! wohoo!!jj-09192009-52jj-09192009-51


  1. Jenn wrote:

    Hey Gee – I’m blogging again. Come check me out :)

    Love the photos!!!
    I have a friend getting married next summer and I sent her your blog/website page. :)