{ my wedding № 02 | the engagement }


…now it’s 25 days until the big day. I can’t believe it!
My engagement period will be 4 months! I’m either crazy or a super great planner. It’s been quite a pleasant experience so far because finding vendors hasn’t been an issue for me. I’m so blessed to have such helpful brides and friends to lend a hand. I really couldn’t do this without them. Thank you! (you know who you are).Being engaged doesn’t feel much different from before. I still get to share my life with the man of my dreams. The only difference at the moment is that there’s a wedding to plan. argh. and there’s a very expensive ring that i have to remember to put on my finger (i keep forgetting!)Some of you have asked about our proposal so here is the story…
on a side note. i wish i had more photos to remember the proposal! Thank God for instagram my favorite app in the world.

The Proposal:
(warning..it’s a little sappy and may be boring to some)He ignored me on valentines day. No flowers or chocolates. He figured he’d save it all for the following friday when he planned to propose. The biggest surprise to this story is that Ron was able to surprise me. It’s quite unheard of for him to keep a secret from me as I can usually sniff it out. There were several close calls which required him to fabricate some stories that didn’t even make sense (but for some reason i let them slide).
Anyways, the night began with a fantastic dinner at Toula. At the end of dinner I was ready to go home and call it a night because I’m old and have no life… but ron cheerfully suggested going out for drinks which I agreed to. Instead of going for a drink we took a drive down to cherry street and parked where there is a wondrous view of the toronto’s skyline. He gives me a card (top left photo) with carefully placed post-it notes. A valentines card which outlines the components to a care package he put together for my south east asia trip. Each tab covered an item in the box and why he added it (is he not the best!!!!!) As I took each tab off to read each item my heart started beating faster…”omg the last tab is going to be the proposal!!!”, i thought to myself….but it wasn’t. the last item was a french bulldog toy (top right, bottom left and right photo) This bulldog is supposed to be a ron in dog form. I LOVE dogs so when i saw it I started tearing up (don’t ask me why). THAT’s when ron popped the question. I don’t even remember saying yes! I’m glad he proposed in private, otherwise i would’ve been awkward as hell!
Part II of the Surprise:
He said he left cake in the fridge at his place. We bought champagne to celebrate and headed to the condo. Little did I know there was a HUGE ASS surprise engagement party prepared. Everyone was congregated and ready to explode at our arrival. Ron is lucky I was so dazed from the proposal that my natural instincts left me. His way of directing me to the lobby…then towards the party room would not have worked without me uncovering the scheme if i wasn’t so temporarily stunned. Let me tell you. The shouts of “surprise” and “congratulations” were so sudden and loud enough to bring me to tears (bottom left and right photo). At that moment my body didn’t know what to do except to release water from my tear ducts. HAHAHAHAHAI know it’s been a while since that gathering but I want to thank EVERYONE that came out and helped with the food and decorations!!!! I was too confused to eat but I’m sooooo thankful!!!!!!!





  1. Susan wrote:

    Congratulations Gee :) :) :)

  2. Great story! Great surprise!
    Glad to hear that you got a bit emotional — you’re totally allowed to do that :)