rock climbing

so…i’ve been meaning to go rock climbing for the longest time! My brother used to do it when we lived in pakistan (which i now realize is a crazy place to go rock climbing) and my friends kept asking me to go. However, I have a fear of heights and though I really wanted to try it I let my fear stop me. Well I finally bit the bullet and did it and i’m so glad I did because i had SO much fun. Initially it didn’t grab me but once I attempted a more difficult climb i understood why this sport is so addictive. It’s for the reach. When you make that reach and you get a firm grip and you pull yourself up it’s the most satisfying thing and you just want more and more. Now i’m wondering how i can combine the two things, photography + rock climbing. Anyways, it’s great fun and it’s a great workout. If you’ve never climbed before go do it now! lol
So after my first climb i came home and was watching a bunch of videos and I stumbled onto a video of Erik Weihenayer a blind climber. It’s quite incredible! Anyways I just read something he said and thought it is SO TRUE!..

“People get trapped into thinking about just one way of doing things.”

This applies to so many things in life. We think there is a “normal” way of things and try to follow it but just end up feeling dissatisfied with life and trapped. What I noticed about succesful and thus famous people is that they all did things in their own way. So people! don’t trap yourself. Don’t get in your own way :)

(the picture below is a picture of a random girl climbing but she looks pretty cool and hard core kekeke)

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  1. Claudia Hung wrote:

    HAHAHAHA Your thoughts are so random and remind me of my posts!! We gotta do it up once you return man… seriously. Damn this two-person sport! I never go by myself.