Travel Show

Those who know me well will know me as one who is interested in almost everything and wants to try almost anything (i refuse to go sky diving, i’m not too friendly with heights). So today when I was talking with my awesome friend Dase we decided to start a travel fund. We don’t know where we’re going yet but we want to take a chunk of time next year to travel somewhere…who knows where it’ll be, Mongolia? Tibet? Russia? India? China???

Having grown up travelling and now living in Toronto, Canada I feel starved of some adventure. I remember camping with my family near the Himalayan mountains in Pakistan, sitting on a patio with my family drinking some cold coke in the heat in Cyprus surrounded by the sound of cicadas, watching the desert sleep and wake up in Jordan… Culture, that’s what I miss. Toronto is so multicultural but it’s desaturated…watered down. I miss being in a place that is so charged with history and culture.

Long Way Round is a documentary where Ewan McGregor and his best friend Charlie Boorman who decide to travel the world the long way round on 2 motorcycles. How awesome would it be to have a female version of that? a travel show following the travels of two young women. Maybe not 2 Motorcycles :) I would love to do that hehehe. 2 girls toughin it out, 2 girls with a good head on their shoulders, not embarrassing the female sex as many women on television do. Maybe i’ll contact a famous rich person to fund me.

(On a side note, how HOT is Ewan McGregor? I have a soft spot for scottish men)

It’s almost 2am and i’m tired

in conclusion: life is short. don’t let the “what if’s” rule your life, if you really want to do something I say GO for it because where there is a will there is a way

(my apologys in advance for the bad photoshop job…i’m tired @_@)



  1. Jenn wrote:

    Good for you. Do it while you can!
    I wish I could do something like that – one thing I regret not doing enough of before marriage is traveling :)

  2. Sarah wrote:

    my~ what short necks you have…and myyy~ what manly figures @_@
    but dasool’s face matches “her” pose so well. haha~ i laugh long time =)
    and i hear ya, ddong sistah! traveling is big time fun…it gets tiring after a while, but a good kind of tiring. keep on savin’!
    by the way, will’s favourite saying is, “where there is a will, there is a way” – he is adamant that that “will” is him. pshhh!

  3. Sarah wrote:

    ps: that trip looked amazing, but in terms of toughin’ it out and not embarrassing women, even those two guys cried, man…the two men, they cried cause it was so hard =(. i don’t want to see you and dasool cry =(( just go somewhere nice and easy, will ya?! and no motorcycles, please…thank you!