ambra + brad

after a couple weeks of shooting my own weddings i was beginning to miss shooting with my friend claudia so i was really happy to reunite with claud and chris. The forecast for the day was cloudy with rain so I wasn’t surprised when it started raining. Actually it started POURING right before the ceremony but it all turned out well. It was a total outdoor wedding but it turned out fabulously. They had cute apples set outside with peoples names and table numbers on it…they were all dewy after the rain. I ran the photobooth at this wedding so i didn’t get as much of an opportunity to shoot, twas fun interacting with some people at the booth though, especially the scottish gentleman :P
Overall it was an adorable wedding with lots of awesome details to make it extra special.

don’t you think the groom looks like jack shephard?

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  1. Ambra wrote:

    There are no words to express how thankful I am for some of the pictures you took of Brad and the boys before the wedding… unbelievable! Thank you so much.