heather + andrew

last month i tagged along with claud to shoot heather and andrews wedding. I’m sorta catching up with the blogging so here i go!!!
shooting with claud is always such an honor and so much fun. There are certain things now that i make sure I get as well as make an effort to remind claud to cover i.e. the ring shot! HAHAHAHA
It’s great team work because we’re not working our asses off to shoot everything ourselves instead we cover each others bases so at each wedding I shoot with claud my job changes a little. Sometimes i shadow her, sometimes i man (or woman?) the photobooth for her. In most cases in the mornings i get dumped with the groom to capture him getting read :) Actually I love chillin with the boys cause usually they’re soooo chill i love it


  1. beautiful again! I’m a fan of claudia hung…so I’m envious of your chance to shoot with her…but then again, now I’m a fan of yours as well!