Jamaica – Golden Cove Villas

So i’m here at part 2 of my Jamaica trip at the Golden Cove Villas. The estate here is BEAUTIFUL to say the least. It’s the perfect spot for an intimate wedding. The grounds are peaceful and the view is breathtaking! Golden cove is very close to the James Bond Beach of the Golden Eye which was also home to author Ian Flemming! cool huh!?
Anyhoo as soon as I got here I took a walk to check out the nooks and crannies of the place cause I wanted to share with all of you the beauty of this amazing spot. I’m so excited for Makeba and Daniel’s wedding tomorrow! it’s going to be amazing mon!


  1. Stephanie Leung wrote:

    Hi Gee, I was photographed by you at my wedding in 2009 with Claudia. Still following your stuff! Love the picture of the bubble in the water with the reflection of the trees. Can’t wait to see the wedding pics. Steph

  2. Xiaoxi wrote:

    Wow! That photo with the palm trees in the bubbles is amazing! The photo after that one is pretty gorgeous as well… the turquoise waves, the green trees – simply beautiful!

  3. ronald wrote:

    Straight out of a magazine spread – paradise.