{ married | angela & jun }

baaahhhhhh can’t believe these two are married! I had such a fun time shooting their wedding because it really felt like I wasn’t working. In fact I had to remind myself that I was working and tell myself to shoot because angela and jun are just those kinds of people…they put people at ease. I loved all the details from their wedding (maybe because it reminded me of our wedding…which reminds me…i should post those sometime soon). I absolutely love these types of weddings!!!! Their wedding was held at their friends backyard!
Did I mention Angela is a super talented illustrator? Check out some of her work here –> www.loveangelaan.blogspot.ca


best group photo. EVER!


saving the best for last…this is my fave shot from their wedding




  1. Jeremy wrote:

    Great Shots!

  2. angela wrote:

    you’re so wonderfully talented!! thank you! <3