today i went to visit palettera. I’m always super impressed by other women who follow their dreams. I give mad respect to people like that :)
Deb says life is too short to let pass doing something other than what we dream of doing and i TOTALLY agree with her. Live each day as though it were a gift and you’ll appreciate the blessings in your life and when you live life knowing that it’s short you’ll begin to better understand what your real passions are.

It was an inspiring day for me chatting with deb about business, life and envelopes… and it was just awesome to see her store.
at you’ll find custom cards as well as samples of wedding invitations and menus etc…so if you’re planning for your wedding or an event visit palettera cause you won’t regret it.
on my way out i randomly asked her if i could take a video of the store then decided to do a “promo” type clip…ever since i bought my d3s i’ve been taking so many videos!! check it out but don’t judge! hahaha i’m no pro videographer and i don’t have a steady cam so it’s pretty shaky in some parts :P

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