xiaoxi + lawrence } married

I’m reminded again of how much of a privilege it is to be a wedding photographer. It’s such an honor to get to know someone and be a part of such an important part of their life. Xiao and I met on a wintery day in a lobby of a condo. We sat to discuss her wedding day and what services she would like. It was quite the unconventional way of meeting because I usually meet people at a coffee shop. Xiao struck me as someone who knows what she wants but isn’t going to be a control freak about everything. Sometimes one cannot explain why we have certain connections with certain people. I just know that I like Xiao! I think she’s awesome mon!
Xiao + Lawrence’s wedding was a big event. They had some of the best vendors (including myself! kekeke) I brought along Chris Luk + Alice Xue to shoot with me which was great! Always great to have extra pairs of hands to help on a big wedding like this. They also had Konrad the awesome cinematographer to do a Same Day Edit. Konrad also brought Mark Klassen, who is another fantastic cinematographer, to assist him. Xiao also had my favorite hair and makeup people (Rhia + Suzie). It’s really fun shooting a wedding where you know all the vendors! Lots of laughs and jokes.

Besides the awesome vendor team I was super duper excited to shoot in the Crystal Ballroom at the King Edward Hotel in Toronto. The hotel allowed us only 15mins to shoot up there so I was a little nervous about getting all the shots I wanted. All turned out well though! Totally happy with the results.

check it.


  1. Rhia wrote:

    yah mon Xiao be awesome! beautiful shots, Gee. Love seeing you in the mornings. xo

  2. Xiaoxi wrote:

    Oh my goodness! Imagine coming home from your honeymoon to these amazing photos! Best welcome home gift EVER! It makes the “leaving paradise to come back to T.O.” blow a little easier to take. Thank you so much for everything Gee! I got you a little something from Maui… so we have to get together! Coffee sometime? Love you lots!

    • gee wrote:

      ahhh welcome back and thank you in advance for the gift! for shizzle we need to meet up! i absolutely loved all the images from your wedding. twas hard to pick the ones to post.

  3. Richard wrote:

    Wow! These are amazing photos, Gee! Thanks for capturing such wonderful memories of Xiao and Larry’s wedding.

  4. ronald wrote:

    LOVELY =)

    p.s. – i think those three little girls may be a tad young to be trying to catch xioasi’s bouquet…

  5. Therese wrote:

    lovely photos :)
    Love the shots in the Crystal Ballroom !

  6. Suzie wrote:

    WOW… stunning. Xiao- You’re a stunna! Gee..you so talented chingoo. :D